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Bad-mouthing Trump doesn’t diminish his accomplishments

By Staff | Sep 16, 2020

To the editor:

I can not believe people that praise Biden and down President Trump.

Biden has a press meeting and there he is, talking to a teleprompter and talking like he actually knows something, and, maybe, 10 reporters. Today he was bad mouthing Trump for saying things against the military that are buried at national cemeteries in France, which has no truth but is what some dumb person stated anonymously and was published in The Atlantic magazine. It stated that Trump said disgusting things about the dead military that the Biden lovers would actually believe.

Biden talks about taking Trump behind the wood pile or barn. If I was Trump, I would offer to take him up on it.

Letter writer Ellen Starbird stated several things that are not correct.

Under Obama and Biden, the economy was in the toilet. More people on unemployment then there were working. Food stamps were on the way to bankrupting Chicago.

The wife and I and son had lived just west of Chicago and I had a job that I really liked, but both of us figured it was time to get out of Illinois and, 52 years ago, we moved to Cape Coral. That was a good move and some regrets, but we are glad to have left behind high taxes and Democrat Illinois.

Ms. Starbird also stated Biden never said anything about defunding the police. What does redirecting the police money mean?

How does anybody figure Biden, who has been in Washington almost 50 years and has not done one thing, when he tells them what he going to do now!!! Has he finally made a decision? Biden does not have a clue what is going on. He will do whatever sleezy Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Durbin tell him what to do.

Trump has done more and taken more bad mouthing from Democrats that would or will take him down if they could do it. He has done more in almost 4 years than any Democrat could think of.

Still, Trump is blamed for everything that the Democrats can think of, including the virus. I ask, how dumb is that? The Civil War is about the only thing left to blame on Trump.

If Biden were to become president then the people who voted for Biden and Harris will get exactly what they deserve and they will take the rest of us Americans with them down the tube.

Obama, the worst president even under Jimmy Carter, endorses Biden; that ought to tell you something.

Richard Wallace

Cape Coral