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Who are we voting for anyway? Parties or people?

By Staff | Oct 14, 2020

To the editor:

On our ballot this year is constitutional amendment number three. The question is if Florida should move to an open primary system.

As an independent voter I feel disenfranchised by not having a say in who I feel may be the most qualified candidate regardless of political affiliation. I believe that we should be voting for the person, not the party. Time has shown the acrimony between both political parties and too much power has been vested in the parties and not enough power vested in the individual that is running for office. If you are like me, you would hope to have the best person for the job. When it comes time for representatives passing legislation, would you not want that representative looking to you the voter for direction rather than being dictated to by a political party? If we move to an open primary system, candidates and representatives will have to spend more time answering to their constituents rather than ignoring them in order to advance a party agenda. With these considerations in mind I ask that you take a hard look and open up the primary vote by voting yes on amendment 3.

J. Caplin

Cape Coral