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Trump will keep his promises

By Staff | Oct 28, 2020

To the editor:

I am responding to a letter from C.A. Hughes published in last week’s edition of the Cape Coral Breeze stating that President Trump did not take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and that Joe Biden would have provided a better response. There are a number of facts to consider in C.A.’s claim.

First, the 2014-2016 Ebola epidemic referred to in the letter produced 11 confirmed cases and two deaths in the U.S. To suggest Joe Biden has the experience to deal with a pandemic based on that would be kin to someone claiming they extinguished a campfire and are now qualified to deal with a volcanic eruption.

Second, the Ebola virus is not spread airborne. It can only be spread by bodily fluids and only by infected people with symptoms. China, which spawned the COVID-19 virus that has unleashed itself on the world, claimed it could not be spread “person-to-person.” This claim was echoed by the WHO, which still publicly opposed travel bans from China as late as Feb. 3, three days after President Trump initiated a ban for people who had recently traveled to China from traveling to the U.S. on Jan 31. Many Democrats, including Joe Biden, criticized President Trump for his ban despite the Chinese government confirming, on Jan. 20, that the virus could be transmitted “person-to-person.” Interestingly, many of these same Democrats criticized the Obama/Biden administration for not instituting a travel ban during the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak. President Trump, however, was labeled a xenophobe by Joe Biden and others for his action, which clearly indicates Biden would not have banned travel from China until much later, if at all.

Third, Ebola was discovered in 1976 and the protocol to deal with it was well established. The coronavirus was an unknown quantity, a virus that mutates, presenting a challenge to scientists and medical experts. This was clearly on display as all the conflicting recommendations offered from the beginning prove.

The letter writer says we should vote for Biden for “our health, the well being of our economy…” and cites the personal pain suffered during the pandemic as part of being a crisis social worker. While I sympathize with the pain, what about the pain of all the Americans who lost their jobs due to NAFTA, which Joe Biden supported? He voted for NAFTA when it was passed in 1993 and, despite a campaign promise by the Obama/Biden team to renegotiate NAFTA, did nothing to correct it. It took President Trump to renegotiate what quickly proved to bad trade deal for America. Living in New Hampshire before moving to Florida I witnessed that pain as a GE plant in my home town moved all its production to Mexico and put hundreds of Americans out of jobs. In a recent interview on CNN, Joe Biden not only refused to give President Trump any credit for the USMCA, the agreement that replaced NAFTA, he tried to claim credit for the new agreement for House Democrats. I wonder if all the American workers who have lost jobs over the last 27 years will be quick to accept that claim. Joe Biden’s promised “Made in America” plan for the future is 27 years late and not supported by his actions of the past.

While President Trump has frequently made statements and claims that are confounding, his actions prove he will work to keep his promises and that he has been an American President for all Americans.

Philip Rainville

Cape Coral