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Two local football teams challenge each other in ‘Beast of the East XIV’

By MELISSA BILL - | Oct 28, 2020


The Lehigh Senior Lightning will host “The Beast of the East XIV” on Thursday, Oct. 29, with the kick off at 7:30 p.m fpr the Lehigh Lightening and East Lee County Jaguars. This marks the 14th year of a long-time rivalry between the schools that has always brought out the best when it comes to friendly competition. Since it will be a district game for both schools, the outcome is even more meaningful. Lehigh was the winner of last year’s game, but the East Lee County is seeking to win the title back.

According to a Kiwanis Club press release, the Kiwanis Club of Lehigh Acres, Lehigh Senior High School and East Lee County High School have established the annual rivalry between the football teams of East Lee County and Lehigh Senior High.

Like in years before, the Kiwanis will provide a trophy to be awarded to the winning school immediately following the game. The trophy will remain in the possession of the winning school until the next game between the schools is played.

“It is our hope that the athletic directors of each school will make an effort to continue scheduling each other every year so that this tradition can grow and become a meaningful sporting event in our community, after all, this is the 14th edition of this tradition” said Rick Anglickis, director of the Kiwanis Club, in the press release.

Additionally, the Kiwanis will provide a trophy, which will be awarded to an outstanding senior player from each team.  The award will take into consideration not only the player’s participation on the field during this game but also all games played during the player’s high school career. 

Scholarship committee members will also consider the players academic performance in the classroom, recipient’s leadership qualities and their service to their school and the community of Lehigh Acres.  Recipients will receive a trophy and will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship by the Kiwanis to further their education upon graduating from their respective high schools.

Recipients of this year’s award will be chosen by representatives from each of the schools administration, coaching staff and representatives of the Kiwanis scholarship committee. The recipient will be presented the award at the end of the contest.

Both Jackie Corey and Melissa Robery, principles of the two schools, expressed excitement about the continuing of this rivalry. 

“These are kids that grew up playing together, going to school together and now they will be competing against one another for bragging rights.  It is very special indeed,” Corey said.

  “What a wonderful thing for the Kiwanis Club to do each year. A $2,000 scholarship to a student at each school, that is truly magnificent,” Robery added.