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The color of hypocrisy is true blue

By Staff | Nov 25, 2020

To the editor:

In response to the recent letter written by Paul Kiefner, “You can…”

The conclusion “You can’t beat Blue” is wrong where the writer does not follow his own research or see the problem before his nose.

The letter blames a lot of stuff on the Proud Boys or Boogaloo. But do you blame Antifa? Who are such angels who throw rocks and bottles and beat people up for not thinking the way they want you to? The people who boarded up their shops and stores, it wasn’t to protect them from President Trump’s supporters, it was to protect them from President-elect Biden’s supporters if OBiden (yes, I said that) lost the election. The Blue also had a virus help them win the election; let’s lock down all of the country to protect them from the virus, for this will help the economy.

As to the kidnapping of a governor of a state (it’s wrong) but showing the fake severed head of a sitting President was funny (not so when his son saw it). And a famous singer saying blow up the White House was OK. But it is not OK to point out the corruption of the Bidens’ son Hunter with the connections with China and Russia and the Ukraine and to the President-elect bragging that he had the Ukraine prosecutor fired before he got on his plane to fly back to the USA.

So you “cannot beat the Blues” for lying and cheating and crying.

So I say to you please have another cool glass of Blue Kool-Aid served by the Biden-Harris Administration, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and Fox News the young Turks and China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and all who are happy the blue won.

Have fun trying to figure out why prices went high and so did your taxes.

Steven Comstock

Cape Coral