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Time to speak up

By Staff | Jan 27, 2021

To the editor:

This week’s newspaper edition has a photo of a gang of politicians celebrating the installation of a new sign in Lehigh. The names of the politicians are Caldwell, DiLallo, Heck, Mallard, Kelly, Hoover and Lindsay as well as an un-named person dressed up as the Lehigh Acres chipmunk. Not a single Black or Hispanic person in that gang even though non-whites make up over half of the Lehigh population and probably 70% of the Lehigh school system.

If Blacks and Hispanics do not take a more active role in governing Lehigh I predict the fire department will continue to agitate for higher taxes on vacant lots to pay their high salaries. This will force investors to sell the lots to builders which will in turn put more kids in schools which will inevitably lead to much higher school taxes to pay for new schools which will then lead to “po folk” being driven out of Lehigh as was done to them in Broward County a few decades back.

Black and Hispanic residents need to speak out and demand a seat at the table in order to keep taxes low and keep Lehigh affordable for ALL residents. not just rich white folk.

Speaking of greedy folk, am I the only one noticing that every few weeks apparently a secret email is sent to all gas stations in Lee County telling them to raise the price of gasoline to $2.39 a gallon? One day gasoline is $2.20 a gallon then overnight it rises to $2.39 including gasoline already in the gas station underground tanks. Anyone know how I can get on that secret email list, or why Lee County allows price collusion among gas stations?

Jon-Paul Cole

Lehigh Acres