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Guest Commentary: An invitation to get involved

By Gwynetta Gittens - | Feb 10, 2021

Gwyn Gittens

There are many exciting things continuing to happen at the Lee County School District.  As the Lee County School Board representative for District 5/East Zone, I am asking you to join me in becoming an informed and involved parent/community member. Here are a few ways you can participate:

 Parent University! COVID, at times, has taken over our lives and attempted to hamper the education and achievement of our students.  However, when times get tough the tough get going… to find alternative ways to not only educate our children but also to educate the village.  Parent University is one of those alternatives.  Join us the first Thursday of every month at 6 p.m. It is a way to keep our parents, community and stakeholders informed about how to be a part of our “education village.” Find out from the experts how to, for example, register your child for school, do really neat experiments with your children, and much more. You can find it on YouTube Lee schools TV.

Board meetings and workshops are another important sources of information. If you want to know what major projects and decisions are happening, such as building new schools, the opening of schools, new programs, and updates of existing programs and current data, watch the Board at work on YouTube. All meetings, workshops, and briefings are broadcast live on YouTube Lee Schools TV. Previous meetings are also archived on YouTube and the District website Leeschools.net. We meet basically every other week for workshops, briefings, and action meetings where we take final votes on projects, budgets, etc.

 You are also welcome and encouraged to attend board meetings in person. There is a public comment section for Action Meetings and Briefing Meetings. Briefing meeting comments can only be about an item on the agenda of that specific meeting, however, Action meetings are open for anyone to speak on any topic they choose. Remember you will have between 2-3 minutes, based on the number of speakers. So, practice beforehand so you don’t run out of time. Nothing personal, but they will cut off the sound.

 You can also follow me on Facebook on East Lee Education Cooperative and Gwyn Gittens for District 5. Watch our Co-op meetings, share your thoughts, ask questions participate in our weekly Let’s Talk Live Town Hall Meetings on East Lee Education Cooperative. 

 There you have it, all the ways to get educated, stay connected, and involved with your school district, Lee County Schools.  Become a part of the Education Village for over 90,000 students; they need all of us working together.

 Finally, in February we celebrate the accomplishments of many African American trailblazers during Black History Month. Thank you to all the African Americans that paved the way for many of us to do what we do today. We remember the many contributions that continue to be made by African Americans to enhance the lives of all American citizens.  It will take all Americans, working together to ensure our children’s future.

 –Gwynetta Gittens, Lee County School Board member, District 5.