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Bedrock of democracy

By Staff | Feb 17, 2021

To the editor:

Democracy needs a ground to stand on. Like the well-known Biblical parable of the foolish and wise builders, one choosing to build his home on shifting sand and the other on solid rock, Americans need to choose the ground on which to build their democracy.

The choice is as stark as solid rock versus shifting sand. The choice is between truth and falsehood. Between facts and fantasy. Between evidence and conspiracies.

The “Big Lie” is simply that — a lie. The election was won cleanly and clearly. State official electors verified it. The courts upheld it, and Congress was about to certify it when it was attacked by a mob who were deceived into believing the lie.

The Impeachment trial presented facts and evidence against which there was no constitutional or honorable defense. Senators were presented with a choice. They could vote to build our democracy on the bedrock of truth, or they could choose the shifting sands of political expediency based on lies and deception.

But, in the final analysis, the outcome doesn’t truly rest with the vote of Senators. It lies with us, the American voter. At the ballot box every two years, we choose honor or disgrace, truth or lies. Americans have privilege and duty to choose to build our democracy on solid ground.

Susan McGuire