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Former Lehigh teacher and local author to host virtual book launch

By MELISSA BILL - | Feb 17, 2021


Local author and film director Antwon Lindsey will hold a virtual launch of his recent book “Since You Never Loved Me” on Thursday, Feb. 18, at 7 p.m. The event will be held on Facebook Live @antwonlindsey and will feature Jazz musical guests. The launch also coincides with SW Florida’s upcoming Reading Festival held in March.

According to the book’s author, Antwon Lindsey, the book “Since You Never Loved Me” is about the actions of self-love, uncertainty, affliction, and forgiveness.

“It explores human consciousness and the deep emotions we endure when suffering. It is a collection of poems and life messages. This book is about personal growth and compassion. It looks deeper at the actions of self with the premise of the book being about growth and compassion and connecting with loaned pieces of ourselves,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey is not only an accomplished author and film maker, but is a former eighth grade science teacher at Lehigh Acres Middle School, where he taught for three and half years.

During the virtual book launch Lindsey and guests will also discuss future endeavors including his new documentary called Hush.

“HUSH | Help Us Say Help” is a documentary that will explore the various historical, social and political influences that have contributed to the stigmas associated with mental illness in Urban communities throughout the United States.

“Our intent is to utilize this film as a gateway for inspiring change, while providing our communities with access to resources and information of which they are often deprived. The tagline to the film is “What We Don’t Say Is What Hurts The Most,” Lindsey said. “Millions of urban Americans struggle with mental illness but can’t afford to speak up for help.”

Lindsey will also make a conscious effort to showcase the film in pre-selected cities in the US where urban mental illness is more prominent.

“My intention is to bring this documentary to 30 cities here in the US. Besides having a free screening, we will offer mental health courses, training and literacy that day. It’s a day for folks to enjoy the film, plus help bring these resources to the individuals who really need them,” Lindsey said.

Born and raised in Miami, Antwon Lindsey has always had an affinity for literature and film. Growing up in the heart of Miami, better known as “Liberty City,” he decided to use his passion for the arts to find solace in writing and visual arts including painting, photography, film-making.

“My early inspiration for writing came from seeing the many notepads that my mom would stash in her closet, which were filled with stories she’d wrote or lyrics to popular songs that she re-created,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey’s early book and film came from inspiration he found close to home.

“My great grandmother always told me that I would do something great before she passed away. Then I had a cousin who committed suicide in 2012, which is when I decided to write the book ‘Reticent,’ which was later turned this into a film. ‘Reticent’ is about one young man’s journey confronting the trauma he has endured from his wider surroundings and how he figures out ways to cope and find a new pathway to success,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey next went write and direct the film “Colour of Love”, which he held an official screening for in early 2020.

According to Lindsey, after taking a short break from working on his newest film due to COVID-19, he plans to resume production efforts again this year.

Antwon Lindsey’s books can be found on Amazon Prime. For more information visit www.antwonlindsey.com and to view the virtual book launch https://www.facebook.com/AntwonLLindsey