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Food for thought

By Staff | Feb 24, 2021

To the editor:

I think it an outdated, puritanical notion that work alone should be rewarded.

I am not opposed to giving away food to the hungry and having the government create debt to subsidize the underemployed. But COVID-19 relief should not be about give-aways to business. That is not how one stimulates a national economy. Rather than support business hand outs, I would consider the raising of the hourly minimum wage to $10, a wise and frugal choice. Raising wages stimulates local economies.

We in Florida already pay $15 an hour, per last year’s reporting from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Promoting the continuation of LOWER wages in other states creates a disincentive to companies who might otherwise operate in Florida. The Democrat from West Virginia thinks it is too racy an idea to increase the wage to $15 per hour for people who WORK and pay taxes. Our Florida Senators should outvote him for the sake of Florida having a level playing field among business competition. The good of the workers nationwide and Florida’s weal coincide in this, and I hope Rubio and Scott will support this sensible solution that does not cost the taxpayers a dime. This Biden proposal of a Federal minimum wage to be gingerly introduced over 4 YEARS to our current de facto hourly rate in Florida of $15.

Employers paying a humane living wage is sound fiscal policy. Handouts of $3,600 a month cannot be considered a frugal alternative. How can Senators who balk at wiser fiscal policy of increasing the minimum wage demand a monthly give away? The give away proposed is everyone with children gets $3,600 a month (instead of a wage increase?) How can we, as a nation, demand that those who take honest labor, that requires taxes be taken out of their checks, live below the poverty line?

Ellen Starbird

Cape Coral