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Welcome to Florida

By Staff | Feb 24, 2021

To the editor:

Florida’s beautiful weather, no state income tax and all-around wonderful quality of life is bringing many people from across the country to relocate here. I have noticed a trend that is alarming and for those of you who moved from Northeastern states and other states where sky-high housing costs, even higher taxes, crime and traffic and COVID lock downs and restrictions are just facts of life.

You come down and its seems like you continue with your progressive ideas and ways: Your disregard for traffic laws and quality-of-life issues like returning shopping carts to their proper place in parking lots, want the rules for COVID that you had in your state and throwing litter in the street seems to be the norm.

Like a plague spreading a disease you start bringing these Big Government idiotic ideas into this state and begin destroying communities with new regulations and tax policies. Soon enough, the sanctuary state policy rears its ugly head with a need for more government control, taxes soar, welfare and homeless will rise, jobs will be lost, businesses will move, setting the stage for ruining the very places you thought would be your refuge.

You don’t seem to understand that the reason the states you left have become unlivable is because those states and cities have been under progressive control for years and it does not work and they only want control of your life.

Don’t try and change Florida, let Florida change you.

Louis Walker

Cape Coral