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Lehigh resident secures 50 registration time slots for others to get COVID vaccine

By MEGHAN BRADBURY - | Mar 31, 2021


What started off as a son helping his father register for the COVID-19 vaccine, turned into helping 50 others secure their timeslot to get the vaccine as well.

Ivan Mullins said he was having problems in getting registered for the vaccine and asked his son for assistance, which resulted in registrations for both his wife and himself.

“I am the vice president of the Cavalier Domino Club. (I thought) a good gesture would be to ask my president if he got the shot. He was also trying, just like me and his wife. They were unsuccessful and I asked if they needed assistance and they said yes,” Mullins said. “I got the information from them and in a couple of days my son got an appointment for them, and they were grateful.”

Just the simple gesture of asking his president, who is also older than 65 years old, turned into a new way Mullins could give back to his community of Lehigh Acres and beyond.

“My son was quite willing to help and that’s the way it started,” he said.

Mullins began calling other club members who were 65 and older and asked if they needed help with securing a registration slot, which resulted in many saying yes.

“It got so hectic in terms of getting an appointment. There were times we could not get appointments for people in Lehigh,” he said. “The closest is Lake Placid and I asked people if they would go and they said yes. We got it for about eight people there.”

Lehigh Cavalier Domino Club member Bernadette Cummings said they got someone who would drive the individuals to Lake Placid. Both the club, and those individuals, put money together to make the drive.

“They are going back for their second shot. We had to make it happen,” she said.

Cummings, whose husband is the president of the club, said they both were able to get the vaccine, due to Mullins’ help.

“A lot of folks around here, the computer is not their thing,” she said. “It has been a big help to the community.”

The great thing about Mullins securing time slots for the club’s members is they will be able to socialize again, of course with safety measures in place, Cummings said.

“The club has not been in session for over a year,” she said. “We are hoping to be able to open up slowly.”

Mullins said after helping many club members get the vaccine, word started spreading to their friends about the assistance, which is why the number of those he helped hit 50 people on Tuesday, March 25.

“It makes no difference to me. My intention is to help whoever I can,” he said.

Mullins said he received a call from a woman who replied after answering the phone, “I would like to make an appointment” without introducing herself first.

“What type of appointment,” he asked the woman, “The COVID vaccine,” she replied.

Mullins then found out she was from Cape Coral.

“If you give me the information that is required, I will see what I can do,” Mullins said, which resulted in the woman then asking if he could also help her 91-year-old grandmother. “Both appointments are this morning.”

He said he will keep providing assistance until his services are no longer needed.

“I’m hoping it will get to a point where they can walk into a pharmacy to get their shot. I’m hoping this will get to the point shortly and as early as possible,” Mullins said.

In the meantime, he will continue to help others.

“I am just doing something because I feel good. It makes me feel good. It’s a feel good thing,” he said. “It makes me feel good knowing I can do something for someone that they really need. That is the fee I am able to accept. That is my pay.”