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VFW Post 4174: VFW’s priority goals

By Submitted by Pat Whitehall - | Apr 8, 2021

Since the 20th Century, the VFW has had a hand in many pieces of legislation which has been passed, and continues to work on keeping that hand in to provide for the well being of Veterans. Since there are more than 1.5 million members of the VFW and its Auxiliary, Capitol Hill can hear us loud and clear!

The VFW is working to reform the dysfunctional federal budget process, trying to assure the POW/MIA mission gets properly funded, on assuring that the benefits for veterans are never reduced to help pay for another, getting timely and high quality health care without increasing shares and working to reduce the number of suicides of veterans.

Services for women veterans need improvement, telehealth services have to expand, along with nursing home eligibility and long care options. Care and research for mental health and traumatic brain injuries must be strongly implemented and copayment requirements for preventive health care, which includes medications needs to be eliminated.

There are many more affairs which need to be addressed, and the mission of the VFW is to continue working on the priority goals to help maintain a respectable quality of life for all veterans, their spouses and their children. The VFW also continues to support service members and their mission to fight the war on terrorism, protect our nation’s citizens and our country’s interests around the world.

Some other very important goals are ensuring veterans and their survivors have timely access to earned benefits. Some of these benefits are burial allowances, getting more than one grant for disabled veterans, considering treatment of presumptive conditions as a claim for disability compensation, and improved transition assistance.

To continue to meet the Priority Goals, the VFW is always welcoming new members, because the louder and more populous the voices, the easier it is to get these goals working in the direction that is needed. At Post 4174, we are continually welcoming the veterans coming home now as well as those who returned years ago. We support the activities of our Post and make it a very important part of our format to honor our members whether it is having fundraisers or planning ceremonies to salute their service. Our service officers are always ready to help out immediately while the entire Post is available to assist the national VFW community in working on the VFW’s Priority Goals.