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VFW Post 4174: The Family Circle

By Submitted by Pat Whitehall - | Apr 14, 2021

Many people have been wondering just who is eligible to become a member of the VFW Auxiliary. What is not known is the fact so many family members are actually able to join. The Auxiliary is not just for spouses of veterans of veterans and service members.

The Family Circle of possible members is a very large one. It begins with a grandfather, and continues with a grandmother, father, mother, son, daughter, sister, brother, husband and wife of the VFW veteran. Belonging to the VFW Auxiliary is a wonderful opportunity and has the ability to reach prospective joinees among the 1.1 million VFW members.

What is so important to remember is that the Auxiliary membership number is counted in with the VFW when it comes to advocacy on Capitol Hill. The larger the Auxiliary number, the better chances of win-wins for everyone. And as we all know, our veterans desperately need our support with those on Capitol Hill. They have gone out of their way for us through their service, it is now our turn to do the same for them.

Auxiliary participants provide a priceless service to veterans by committing to regular assistance and responsibilities. They are constantly looking for ways to benefit veteran patients and also ways to help assist Veterans Affairs staff and their facilities. The Auxiliary has a huge community outreach program which consists mostly of a donation of time. It is not in kind or monetary donations.

Family members who join and spend time in local homeless shelter’s kitchens serving meals, busing tables or cleaning up, working with the police department on a bicycle safety training class, or partnering with another organization and hosting a sock collection at a Walmart or other local grocery store for a homeless shelter, domestic violence shelter or one for foster children helps the Auxiliary be visible. These types of service are what builds awareness about the Auxiliary in our communities and promotes good will.

Auxiliary members are responsible for so many good deeds which are beneficial to communities. Like members of a family, support is essential to the well being of everyone, and the more people participating, the healthier and happier the Family Circle. So, if you’re eligible, we’ll be happy to help you join our VFW at 25 Homestead Road in Lehigh Acres. Hope to see you there!