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Neighborhood roads to be resurfaced

By MEGHAN BRADBURY - | Apr 28, 2021


Next month more Lehigh Acres roads will be resurfaced as part of a $5 million commitment for this budget year.

“The work is scheduled to begin in May and expected to take about six months,” Lee County Government spokesperson Tim Engstrom said in an email.

So far, more than 500 Lehigh street segments have been resurfaced since the program began four years ago.

The work, which was approved by Lee County Board of County Commissioners last week approved the contract with Community Asphalt Corp. for $1,374,000. The paving is paid through Growth Increment Funds, which is used for neighborhoods streets, not arterial, or collector roads.

The scope of work will include resurfacing 59 neighborhood streets, which includes resurfacing, excavation, installing 42 drainage culvert pipes, sodding and striping.

The roads to be worked on are ranked and based on resident requests, road conditions and the number of residences on the road.

Portions of the streets include Lydia Street; Gleason Street; Chadwick Street; Garnet Avenue; Graystone; Avondale Street; Ruble Street East; Emory Street East; Marshall Street; Eclipse Street East; Mercury Avenue South,; Galileo Street; Naples Avenue Street; Colyer Street East; Hargrove Avenue South; Gallo Avenue South; Crystal Avenue South; Manuel Street East; Chapman Avenue South; Kimberly Street East; Bering Avenue South; Manhattan Street East; Lemhurst Avenue South; Morris Tyaler; Lousiville Street East; Theodore Vail Street East; Warren Court; Augusta Street East; Naples Avenue South; Lownde Avenue Street; Lanford Avenue South; Manning Street East; Randolph Street East; Ralph Street East; Raymond Street East; Grant Boulevard; Napier Avenue South; Nave Avenue South; Nassau Avenue South; Rosita Street East; Ravenswood Street East; Normandy Avenue South; Beth Stacey Boulevard; Westmnister Street North; Allenwood Avenue; Joan Street North; 16th Street West; Willard Avenue; East 9th Street; Sheldon Avenue; Mcarthur Avenue; Canton Avenue; Johns Avenue; Lake Avenue; Jackson Avenue; Jefferson Avenue; Willard Avenue and Anita Avenue.