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Shine a light on political activism

By Staff | Apr 28, 2021

To the editor:

America these days demonstrates that there is no way that we can live a healthy, happy and mutually productive life for all without exercising conscience.

I propose that any person or group of people who employ more than a few others or who engage in public political action in any way should be required to devise and publish a Constitution, the primary thrust of which would be to explain how they propose to exercise conscience toward their fellow men/women. This specifically includes corporations and Political Action Committees, foreign or domestic, doing business or acting in the USA.

Violation of one’s own Constitution could then be adjudicated under law as a deceptive practice.

This arrangement would vastly simplify the process everyone should undertake in choosing with whom he decides to deal in every kind of matter at all.

This arrangement also does NOT restrict the irresponsible freedom of radical, so-called Con-Servatives. They can still practice their destructive, deceptive craft but must do so in the clear TruthLight, where they stand the real risk of serious TruthBurn!!!

Allen Wollscheidt

Cape Coral