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Protect our wetlands

By Staff | May 12, 2021

To the editor:

Our wetlands in Southwest Florida are being decimated by builders of housing and commercial projects that have taken the advantage of the state taking over wetlands permitting from the Federal DEP, which handed over its longstanding authority. More than 1,000 permits to develop wetlands by dredge and filling these lands in Southwest Florida have been received by the state.

These dredge and fill permits should not be issued until each applicant submits a comprehensive plan to create wetlands to take the place of the wetlands that they are destroying. President Bush had promised a policy of No Net Loss of Wetlands. Why isn’t this the policy of the Florida DEP? The state is negligent not to use this standard.

Why do these developers destroy wetlands and build in water-producing areas? I can only believe it is pure greed. They fund the politicians that then approve of their wildlife habitat and water storage areas’ gross destruction by letting Florida have this authority over permitting and the Florida panther be darned.

Dr. Michael Fox, veterinarian, believes that all species of animals have all the rights that people have, and that the animals should get them.

Repent, FL DEP, and save our environmental lands. Say “no” to wetlands development! Politicians, enforce the rules.

Carl Veaux

Cape Coral