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Ready to snap on your running shoes?

By Staff | May 19, 2021

To the editor:

Women: Are you looking for a job?

There will be two seats up for election on the Lee Board of County Commissioners in November 2022

Women For a Better Lee would like to hear from women who may want to consider running.


Must NOT serve the whims of special interests (i.e., developers, attorneys, Realtors) or regurgitate partisan talking points;

Must NOT limit input to only those who have a financial stake in the outcome of issues before the BOCC and MUST study issues and gather information from all sides;

MUST be respectful to constituents, value their input, and understand that being a County Commissioner means representing ALL people in Lee County, NEVER condescending to or patronizing those who have the courage to speak up;

Must NOT make back room deals with colleagues, special interests, the County Manager, or the County Attorney and be committed to transparency, accountability, and following Sunshine Laws.

Is willing to work for change and have the courage to step forward and challenge the status quo. Change in government will not occur unless and until good people take office and actually represent the good people that put them there.

The position is located in Fort Myers, FL; salary is $99,045 per annum (note: salary increases as population grows). Generous benefits package including retirement, lots of vacation and sick leave (another $30,000 – $40,000).

Starting date: Campaigning begins immediately.

Contact: Women For a Better Lee, WFBL2022@gmail.com

Charlotte Newton

Women for a Better Lee