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Who fears whom?

By Staff | May 19, 2021

To the editor:

Do rich white people fear the loss of power to the ever-increasing minority population of America? Does this explain the anti-voter bills flying through state legislations like a hot knife through butter? Are these people afraid of sharing the wealth they’ve stolen over more than four decades? We all know that working class families wealth has barely ticked up while the upper 1% of rich Americans has seen their bank accounts triple over this period. Or is the fear of super rich white Americans based on bias and/or racism?

With a Republican stranglehold on politics in Florida, the governor and his cronies have continually attempted to deprive working families of the Constitutional right to organize and bargain for fair living wages. Why does the governor continually try to water down the voting rights of men and women who served their time to vote? Are they afraid of what Floridians may decide at the ballot box?

The governor and his cronies don’t respect the wishes of the millions of Floridians who vote to amend the state constitution, and with a ridiculous plurality of 1 they overturn those wishes.

David Kenney

Cape Coral