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Saying it’s so does not make it so

By Staff | Jun 9, 2021

To the editor:

My Next Door account was recently suspended for the following statement: The Chinese virus should have nothing to do with politics and yet it does!

Someone called me a racist for the above comment and I responded with the following:

“I take great offense to the individual who accused me of being a racist… that in itself is racist when Next Door immediately took this person’s word for it without any recourse from myself. I am not racist and designating me ‘racist’ for a true statement did not warrant suspension. Has this individual been suspended for their remark which I consider racist?

“I realize Next Door is a private enterprise but do no rules of justice apply? Certainly free speech does not apply but I was aware of that. Apparently all anyone has to do these days is call someone a racist and that individual is immediately guilty.”

And now that there is credible evidence that the virus did originate in the Wuhan China lab, is it still racist to call it what it is… are we also racist to refer to the Spanish flu or Brazilian strain or German measles ?

There is no question racism is a terrible issue but overusing the word for infractions that actually are not racist belittles the impact of the word.

Monika Krause Higgins

Cape Coral