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What we need is voter responsibility

By Staff | Jun 16, 2021

To the editor:

There is currently so much noise about “voter rights.”

Let us now consider “voter responsibility.”

While it is a responsibility of each citizen to vote, it is an even greater responsibility to vote intelligently with a reasonably clear and full understanding of the actual issues as opposed to the nonsensical and heavily slanted versions intended to mislead and to deceive which are endlessly hyped and force-fed to them by special interests, typically, but not exclusively by Big Wealth.

Some of the Right-oriented media should be wholly confined to The Comedy Hour! Alas, some are even worse, approaching outright criminality and sedition!

At one time in the past, the Right made appropriate appeals for their honestly held viewpoints to the voters, but in more recent times, the Right has become corrupted — at first only in minor ways, a la Soapman Reagan, but now in critical ways, exemplified by Trumpoison. They now endanger the cohesion of our battered nation, a la 2021 Jan 06.

So, let us temporarily drop the tattered banner of voter rights until we have fully honored the concept of voter responsibility — Not to mention requiring politicians of ALL stripes to practice what might be named political campaign honor. Just imagine that.

Allen N. Wollscheidt

Cape Coral