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VFW Post 4174: A cavalcade of riders

By Submitted by Pat Whitehall - | Jun 21, 2021

When many of us older people see a cavalcade of motorcyclists, our thoughts turn back to the ’60s, when groups like the Hells Angels ruled the streets. We didn’t approve or appreciate the things they did. Back then, we learned to run to the nearest safety zone and hope they would just keep on riding onward. The fear factor kept many of us from trying to get on a bike ourselves and vie for the streets with the gangs.

While the appeal for some travelers has always been the open road on two wheels, it was always noted there’s nothing like riding a motorcycle to immerse your senses in your surroundings. Being on a motorcycle gives one a greater sense of freedom than what can be experienced in a car, unless it’s a convertible. But the open air experience does come with a price. Riders must be hyper attentive to safety and to the other vehicles on the road.

Technology has been a boon in getting more people willing to ride and not only in the manufacture of the bikes, but in the innovative gear which offers far more protection than a T-shirt and jeans! Airbag jeans, vests & bodysuits allow someone to ride normally, but they inflate immediately before a fall.

Nowadays, when a cavalcade of Riders goes by, we can stand on the sidelines, applauding them because this is not the same type of people once associated with leather jackets, boots, helmets and chains. Rather, these stalwarts are on a very important mission, and they deserve a salute and our respect.

These are the Riders of either the VFW, or the American Legion and they are on their way to welcome home a returning veteran, doing a poker run to raise money for one of the many charities they support, going for a trek to support some legislation in the Capitol, or riding to pay their last respects to a fallen comrade. Every motorcycle is adorned with the American Flag and many of these riders are veterans who want to continue to serve in some manner.

If you happen to be somewhere when you spot our riders from VFW Post 4174 in Lehigh Acres, give them a big hand; they are sure to be heading for an important mission!