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Policy conflicts reek of hypocrisy

By Staff | Aug 4, 2021

To the editor:

The Biden administration seems to be obsessively concerned with getting the nation vaccinated, even suggesting going door to door to get their message across.

One has to wonder why the same concern is not being directed to the hundreds of people killed in cities such as Chicago and New York. …Or at the crisis at our southern border where thousands of impoverished human beings are being encouraged by the administration to come to the USA by any means possible. Are these lives not as valuable? There seems to be no directive to get them vaccinated as they teem across the border.

The narrative on the main steam media is the administration is so concerned that everyone gets vaccinated but turns a blind eye to lives being lost elsewhere. Perhaps it is more a case of being in a position of power and control.

I have been vaccinated and not opposed to the vaccine but I am opposed to the hypocrisy this administration continues to unleash on our country.

Monika Krause Higgins

Cape Coral