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VFW Post 4174: Thinking ‘INSIDE’ The Box!

By Submitted by Pat Whitehall - | Aug 11, 2021

Have you noticed the most commonly used catchphrase lately is “think OUTSIDE the box?” Well, I like to be different, so I am going to ask you to think INSIDE the box for a little while. If you recall, last week, I mentioned that the VFW Post 4174 is collecting school supplies and inviting everyone to join our Outreach Program.

Many organizations are passing out supplies within backpacks and it’s awesome to see how willing everyone is to help out school children. This will be a different year for many of them, because they will be back in the classroom among other students once again.

Our chairperson in charge of our program this year is a teacher herself, so she has a great handle on what is needed to assist all teachers. And, all the donations will stay here in Lehigh Acres, divided among three schools. They are Lehigh Elementary, Veterans Park and G. Weaver Hipps. The schools have already been contacted, and the teachers were so happy to hear of our project. Any item that can be provided is one less a teacher would have to purchase with his/her own money.

One item in particular seems to be the most sought after, even more than tissues, hand wipes and sanitizer, and that’s reams of computer paper! Now, our friendly Walmart has a case of said paper and sells it for $24. If that seems a bit steep, you can always ask your next door neighbor to go in on it with you, or even a student’s grandparent if he or she is available!

School is starting this week, but we are keeping our collection going until Wednesday, Aug. 25. On Sunday, Aug. 29, we will be needing some assistance in sorting and putting into boxes the many items collected for the three different schools. Since breakfast will be over and the cleanup finished, the time for the sorting is 1 p.m.

A great idea for the 29th would be to join us at 25 Homestead Road for a hearty breakfast then, when it’s over, begin the work of coordinating the school supplies. Assistance is always appreciated, and in doing this, one would be helping “INSIDE” the box instead of having to be like everyone else and be “outside.”

We’d be happy to welcome you!