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School Board actions should be reviewed by the state

By Staff | Sep 7, 2021

To the editor:

I sent Florida Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran a letter outlining concerns I have with the School Board of Lee County.

Concerns expressed, which have been updated below, include:

What I witnessed this week was the final communist ideology takeover of our Lee County School Board. The board forced the superintendent to pass mandatory masking in a 1 p.m. workshop session before the scheduled 5 p.m. emergency meeting (scheduled at an inconveniently early time so parents could not attend), that was intended to address the masking issue with citizens. And then the board, in total disregard for the elderly in attendance, changed the protocol that has allowed individuals to wait inside the building prior to a meeting and kept a large crowd at bay in 98-degree afternoon heat in the parking lot, doors locked, for almost 1-1/2 hours while they “COVID sanitized the room!” Then, only 60 citizens were allowed into the socially distanced board room, which has in the past held 275 (and in the past was filled).

The board, through the spring and summer has ignored all requests from citizens for honesty and transparency in their dealings. They have continuously violated board policy in many areas but particularly changing the rules for public speaking before meetings, making it increasingly difficult for citizens and parents to have their voices heard.

Little good does public comment serve, in any case, because it is totally ignored. And board members refuse to speak to citizens, or answer any emails from them, except those persons who represent liberal political views or special interests.

Going back as far as October 2020, under the smokescreen of COVID lockdowns and no contact face to face with the public, the board set into action many LGBTQ and transgender policies that went against parents’ and children’s interests, and are outright affronts to Christians and conservatives.

When asked to remove or amend these policies, the board paid lip service to making an effort, but really did nothing to change the policies set in place, a fact verified by in-school sources. Again, these measures were obvious cave-ins to special interest LGBTQ groups.

Unbelievably, in public forum, one board member, Betsy Vaughn, indicated support for mandatory vaccinations of school children as a pass to attending public school, schools which, it was pointed out, are still owned, and should be controlled by Lee County taxpayers.

It is the opinion of conservatives in this district that the board in toto needs to be investigated for possible malfeasance as well as possible violations of the U.S. and Florida constitutions and Florida Sunshine laws. It is also the opinion of conservatives that the entire Lee County School board needs to resign immediately. We look to the Department of Education and the courts for redress of these issues. Several local action groups are threatening lawsuits, I hope it does not deteriorate to that level, but if that is the only redress, then let it happen.

I have contacted our local news media with this information. I doubt liberal editors will permit it to be published.

Please, Department of Education, show that you respect parents and children in Lee County and investigate the marxist travesty that is now unfolding.

I will continue to write this until I see corrective action against every member of the Lee County School Board.

Edward F. Drass, M.D.

Cape Coral