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Weak leadership putting the U.S. at risk

By Staff | Sep 16, 2021

To the editor:

The most egregious situation of the 20-year involvement with Afghanistan is happening now. Some very large number of people who supported the Allies in Afghanistan are now left high and dry to suffer and many to be killed, no doubt. That has already started. The U.S. is betraying all the promises and support they gave to the Afghanistan people who wanted a new government.

Those suffering the most may be the women who once again will be second-class citizens. Their entire lives are in jeopardy. Will they be able to use their education, get a good job, have an equal voice in the family or will they have to return to burqas and the women’s uniform?

Our leader is indecisive and only looking for excuses. He is being run out of Afghanistan as if we were insignificant, a humiliating defeat for the U.S. This is the same leader who campaigned to not go after bin Laden; who campaigned to leave Iraq resulting in ISIS taking over half the country and killing tens of thousands; who joined in excusing the abandonment of Benghazi to terrorists not even responding to the attack. Who, with his President, allowed chemical attacks against civilians in Syria. Our weak political leader of the mightiest country in the world has no idea how to use the U.S. for good.

Trump had the Taliban convinced that they would comply to the agreement. The Taliban had not killed a U.S. soldier for months. Trump was keeping the military airport open and was not removing the military until all of the Americans and supporters were out of the country. He was also going to take the $80 billion of sophisticated military hardware out before the military left. Joe Biden cancelled Trump’s plans, ignored the advice of the military and just wanted to have a celebration on 9/11 free and clear of Afghanistan. Now we will never be free of the stain and we are providing new impetus to ISIS and al-Qaida.

His lack of leadership skills, unprincipled foreign policy and obvious age problems puts the U.S. in a very dangerous position. Putin and XI will take advantage of the weak leadership in the US.

John Benedict

Cape Coral