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VFW Post 4174: September salutations

By Staff | Sep 23, 2021

At VFW Post 4174 in Lehigh Acres, the month of September was filled with several important events. Patriot Day, Sept. 11, was a day of remembering the catastrophic events which occurred in New York, and a way for the country to thank all those who responded to the horrors of that day by honoring them in some sort of ceremony.

All veterans have particular admiration for first responders because they understand what it means to come to the aid of people in harms way, having been in similar situations themselves. Like many first responders, they were propelled into action without a thought to their own personal safety. First responders also have an intensive training program, much like the military boot camps which makes the bond between the two organizations a strong one. Each sector recognizes what the other has had to accomplish to reach their current status. Our hour-long ceremony was well attended and heartwarming. We were pleased to welcome five first responders from right in our own neighborhood.

Friday, Sept. 17, was the POW/MIA recognition ceremony and it was a most impressive one. The ceremony is poignant with many articles used having a very significant meaning. There are several different versions of said ceremony and often the ROTC is a participant along with the entire Post. Many of our military personnel have not been accounted for, some of them going as far back as World War 11. It is said as many as 82,000 of our people are still on the missing list and the country has vowed to continue its efforts to locate these people, no matter how long it may take, until those missing or became prisoners are found.

Sept. 18 was the 74th birthday of the United States Air Force. Its implementation came about through the National Security Act of 1947. Prior to that year, the responsibility for military aviation belonged to the Army for land based operations while sea based operations from aircraft carriers belonged to the Navy and amphibious aircraft was controlled by the Marines. The Army created the first antecedent of the Air Force on Aug. 8, 1907. Through successions of organizations and different titles, the missions advanced towards eventual separation 40 years later.

As always, the public is always welcome to join our Post in its many activities. We’re located at 25 Homestead Road and would be glad to see you. You would be glad you joined us!