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Mortgaging the future to create voter base

By Staff | Oct 6, 2021

To the editor:

Biden is proving every day that he trying to remake America through the expenditure of trillions. If you give people enough money they will vote for you but eventually the giveaway catches up with you as proven by Argentina (1946), Cuba (1959) and Venezuela (1998). Biden is approaching Sanders’ socialistic agenda and thereby removing the incentive that has made America.

Then who pays? Why of course our kids and grandkids and great grandkids are faced with inflation, lack of jobs, corrupt government (in this case MORE corrupt) and the party that buys their way into power stays in power because they hold the purse. The three examples above have never moved out of their destructive governments.

It took Obama eight years to raise the debt $10 trillion. Biden is trying to do it in one year. Where is the money going? Much of it is to special interests to garner a larger voter base. That is what happens with large changes.

But this is much larger. The socialistic agenda is really a hidden attempt to capture more voters who expect to greatly benefit from this give away. The advertised benefits never happen as marketed and are lost in the application. Like the War on Poverty, the poverty never changed but the voter loyalty did.

Of course the selective news that we see and read gives very little negative reports about the unforeseen. They could not be more helpful to the party to sell these dangerous and corrupt ideas.

And did you hear that a large piece of the $80 billion of highly technical and effective military hardware that Biden left in Afghanistan is now in Iran? How many presidents can boast about arming their enemies?

Of course the border crisis is getting worse and the news media is ignoring it for the most part. The reporters who are doing their jobs are being locked out of the facilities where the terrible care of people is taking place. They even disallowed drone pictures of the thousands of Haitians jammed into an area under a bridge. Biden is doing everything to hide the problem by shipping illegal immigrants throughout the United States. This is hide-and-seek at its greatest. The cost of supporting these people will be huge.

This country is being led into a dangerous turn to socialism for the hidden purpose of voter acquisition. The cost to this country will be a mortgage that will limit our freedom.

John Benedict

Cape Coral