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Lutheran Services Florida providing free flu vouchers to its clients

By MEGHAN BRADBURY - | Oct 7, 2021


Ongoing support from Bank of America is now equipping Lutheran Services Florida with the ability to provide free flu vouchers to its clients.

Jacquie Matthews Williams, Lutheran Services Florida outreach and mentoring coordinator, said Bank of America has been a very good community partner. During the pandemic they supplied face masks, gloves and sanitizer multiple times to help staff and clients.

“We have been working with them for the COVID precautionary things,” she said, adding that when they asked if they wanted to participate in the flu voucher program they jumped on board.

With the Bank of America and CVS partnership, clients of Lutheran Services Florida have the opportunity to use no-cost flu vouchers from Oct. 11 through March 31, 2022. The vouchers, which children are eligible to use as well, can be redeemed at CVS Pharmacy, or MinuteClinic. There also is a digital option available.

“Without them (Bank of America) this could not have happened. We are so grateful and appreciative for Bank of America for including us in this,” Williams said.

She said the voucher program is great for their clients as some may not be able to afford a visit to a private physician to get their flu shot, or may have transportation challenges.

“Transportation plays a pivotal part in what people can and cannot do,” Williams said.

With the voucher good at CVS it provides convenience, as she said there is a CVS in neighborhoods where their clients live.

The vouchers are located at all of their programs, such as Lutheran Services Florida Case Management Organization, Comprehensive Refugee Services and OASIS Youth Center. She said they gave the offices the vouchers, so they could distribute them to those who would like to take the flu shot starting on Oct. 11.

Lutheran Services Florida, a nonprofit organization provides various programs, such as early education, youth shelters, foster care, refugee and resettlement services, substance abuse, mental health services and adult guardianship.

She began working with Lutheran Services Florida six years ago, and recently became involved in the Comprehensive Refugee Services.

“When I saw refugees come, and for them, the things that they could do just to be free, are things that I take for granted,” Williams said.

Refugees, who are their clients, receive all of the their legal services for free. The clients also receive ESOL vouchers to learn English.

“The languages is sometimes the barrier. While waiting on their work permit, they can take English classes,” Williams said.

For more information, visit www.lsfnet.org, call Williams at 239-315-3488, or email Jacqueline.Matthews@LSFnet.org.