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Census 2020: Complete count urged

While the pandemic is dominating the thoughts of many this year, officials want to remind everyone 2020 is a Census year and participation is crucially important for communities around the country.The U.S. Census Bureau has once again moved the timeline back this time for an additional three months, making the new deadline for self-reporting Oct. 31.According to a weekly report dated July 23 from the U.S Census Bureau, Lee County's self-response rate is currently 56.2 percent - ranking 35th in the state.County officials remind residents to participate in the 2020 Census because it will determine funding for many crucial state and county programs over the next decade. The public can now respond via mail, phone or online. The form takes mere minutes to complete and can make a profound impact on your community."Vital federal funding, including the recent CARES Act, is based on local ...

Gittens gets support for education cooperative

I always thought being proper meant wearing the right outfits for various activities, the right shoes with those outfits, remembering to say please and thank you, calling people sir or ma'am, ...

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Unemployment drops in Lee

Although unemployment rates are still high, Lee County has seen a positive reduction at 9.8 percent for the month of June.CareerSource Southwest Florida Communications Manager Janeth Castrejon said the positive reduction with unemployment rates began in May and continued into June."It's a great ...

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American Legion: Now we are six

Back in 1962, our then President, John F. Kennedy wanted America to have a position of pre-eminence insuring freedom of action in outer space. He felt there was a hostile misuse of it by our adversaries. President Reagan, during his term of office, declared the U.S. would oppose prohibitions ...