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  1. Yes.
  2. No.
  3. Somewhat.
  4. Nearly done.
  5. Do not buy gifts.
  6. Other.
  1. Yes.
  2. No.
  3. It depends/sometimes.
  4. Do not pay attention to them.
  5. Other.
  1. By mail ballot.
  2. During early voting.
  3. On Election Day.
  4. Will not be voting.
  5. Have not decided/other.
  1. Clinton won.
  2. Trump won.
  3. Both did well; it was a tie.
  4. Neither did well.
  5. Did not watch.
  6. Other.
  1. Yes, I wouldn’t miss them; they may help me make up my mind on who I will vote for.
  2. No, I am sick of politics and I may not even vote.
  3. Maybe, if I have time.
  4. Other.
  1. I do not agree with the county commissioners who would not take this on; Lehigh residents should be able to raise a few chickens in their back yards if they want to.
  2. I agree with the county and its attorney; no chickens anywhere in unincorporated Lee County.
  3. Change the county restrictions and allow only Lehigh Acres the right to have backyard chickens.
  4. Unless the chickens are a nuisance, let Lehigh raise them on their own property, just no roosters.
  5. I do not really care.
  1. Crime/criminal activity.
  2. Roads/potholes.
  3. Lack of commercial development.
  4. Unincorporated status.


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